You have invested millions on your ERP. Its time you got your returns on investment and use it for your Business Analysis and Decision Making

DSS is INFINITI’s Business Analysis tool. It has a very intuitive user interface that helps you gain visibility, control & enables faster decision making.

We’ve developed DSS around the objective of giving Business Insights based on data. Our vast SAP & Business Functional experience has helped us create a tool that works around multiple business scenarios.

DSS has been deployed in various industries – Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Automotive, Professional services, Infrastructure. We have tailor made analytics for these industries.

  1. DSS costs 70% less than a BI but gives you MORE THAN what a BI can !

  2. DSS does not require any hardware investment !

  3. DSS can be accessed from anywhere on a browser with a basic internet connection!

  4. DSS can fuse together data from multiple data sources (even from XL sheets)

DSS Use cases

  1. Use DSS to set sales targets, monitor & measures sales people performance and calculate incentives

  2. Calculate Product/project costing simply by getting Raw data from production and accounts

  3. Automate your cash flow analysis and funds flow forecasting

  4. Use DSS to fuse your budgets (that are in XL sheets) and actuals (that are in ERP) to create a budgets vs. actuals dashboard

  5. Use DSS to automate your entire MIS – Financial and a Corporate performance digest based on KRAs

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