we are helping enterprises unlock
value from their IT investments


We are a Business solutions firm that uses SAP &Analytics tools to deliver business outcomes. We develop products that help customers utilize SAP better and hence increase the RoI from SAP investments. We are an SAP Partner and work with Customers in the Manufacturing, Professional Services and Projects industries. We service enterprises of all sizes and help them achieve specific business outcomes by Advising, Planning and Deploying technology solutions. Depend on us for doing all the thinking and executing the plans while you focus on managing your business. About 80% of our consultants have rich functional experience and understand business as well as technology. We take a proactive approach to solving business problems and not the ‘long dead’ reactive services route to helping enterprises. Innovation and Top Class Execution are at the core of what we do.

We’ve created products like DSS &planA that unlock the value from your SAP investments.

Business Philosophy

  • We always quantify the value our solutions add to your business and strive to deliver at least three times the price of our solutions
  • We are here to make profits by delivering more value than the profits we want to make, and by solving real business problems.
  • We believe in creating an enterprise that’s acts a platform for people to realize their potential while enjoying the professional journey.
  • The purpose of Business for us is to deliver positive impacts and improve on them continuously by applying newer methods, technologies, and ideas.

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