ERP Advisory

Once you have made the decision to implement ERP, it is important to spend at least 20% of the assumed implementation time on visualizing and getting ready for the implementation. Look at ERP implementation as running a marathon. You can’t jump into it without adequate fitness levels. The same holds true in ERP implementations as its going to be a very long term investment and, more importantly, because it involves all functions of your business. So, getting all teams prepared for the ERP implementation is critical to the success of the implementation.

While you accept that getting all teams ready for an implementation is important, do you know if they are ready, if yes, if that level of readiness is enough for the success? This is where we can help you gauge your readiness and put you on a few weeks course on getting ready for the ERP implementation.

The ERP advisory team of SAP comes with deep domain plus SAP implementation experience. We know the challenges of specific industries from a process definition, workflow, training needs and ERP Usage challenges perspective.

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